Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019

The only and most important action to do during this ECLIPSE is to LOG OFF and disconnect completely from the illusions and influences of the outside world. (internet social media, tv, social gatherings, reading, overthinking, excessive talking)

Eclipses are time for introspection and connection with our inner self, time to look inside our naked essence.

Time to honor our silence and to spend time indoors nurturing ourselves and closest family members. 

Time to let go the old and surrender to the new light that is coming from within.

I been saying this for years and i keep repeating: 
Eclipses are not good moments to make important decisions, celebrations or manifestations, no rituals should be done at this time.!

Vanessa Realpe.

Certified Astrologer

Published by Vanessa Realpe

LMT, C.C.H.t, Bio-Well EPI Technology Expert Certified Practitioner, Vibrational Therapist, Feminine Wisdom Advocate, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Astrologer.

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