Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January, 20 2019.


A lunar eclipse occurs every time the earth prevents sunlight from reaching the moon making it look darker than usual in a reddish tone. Today from 9:29 pm (Eastern Time) we have the first total lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. It will be visible and will be felt through all America. A lunar eclipse moon does not carry the same energy or mean that the full moon is more powerful, on the contrary, the light is removed for instants, so I do not recommend doing any ritual or start something new during this time.

Astrologically speaking, this eclipse of the moon marks a point of completion, and reset to return to the heart (body organ that governs the sign of Leo) to see who you really are from the heart; that unique and unpredictable bright essence.
It is very important to release all the emotions of the soul to free yourself from what is not allowing you to see your true desires, breathe deeply and leave aside the expectations that others have of you and the expectations that you have of yourself, it is necessary to break all those structures that have conditioned you not to look at the darkness of your being, the shadow that at the end is the one that will lead you to discover your true identity and incomparable original essence, which might seem somewhat uncomfortable at first for its authentic rarity and natural rebellion, which is why it is very important to get out of the need to fit in the rules of the past and enter the darkness of the unknown in silence and contemplation by saying goodbye to winter and welcoming the spring that will emerge with Surprising changes from the darkness of the underworld.


– Introspection.
– Be yourself from the heart.
– Release and release your emotions.
– Keep your mind open.
– Respond to sudden changes with creativity.
– Do not connect with collective emotions. For example: fear.
– Drink lots of water.
– Breath deeply.

Happy Lunar Eclipse.

Vanessa Realpe.

Published by Vanessa Realpe

LMT, C.C.H.t, Bio-Well EPI Technology Expert Certified Practitioner, Vibrational Therapist, Feminine Wisdom Advocate, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Astrologer.

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