🇺🇸 Letter for Releasing our Ancestors.


You will write this letter in your own handwriting. You have 30 days to finish writing it or if you need more time, it’s fine.
It is not about writing it in a hurry, because you will have to remember events and details and that will take several days. With this letter you free yourself of all that you may be inheriting from your ancestors, family and people around you and that are affecting you today in your present.

“I … (Write your name and last name) in this act of my own hand, I write this letter today as a gift to the family to which I belong.
With my awakened Spirit I bless my family and I forgive them. I release my family and I get rid of them. I free myself and release my great-great-grandparents, my uncles great-great-grandparents, my great-grandparents, my uncles great-grandparents, my grandparents, my great-uncles, my parents, my uncles, my cousins, my brothers, my children (even if you do not have them), to friends or enemies of the family, to my friends or enemies, to every person around me and to any person who has ever been with me, of all the unconscious programs that have been inherited. I release them and I also release myself from any offense that another family or another person has received from my family or from my person, and I apologize to everyone, on behalf of the one who has offended on behalf of my family.
Today I release and release all my family and acquaintances, memories of economic loss, conflicts by inheritance, waste, murder, sudden or violent death, suicide, mental illness, physical illness, accidents, rape, touching, adultery, abortion, children unwanted, unborn children, unrecognized children, abandoned children, incest, abandonment, cruelties, beatings, physical violence, emotional violence, infidelity, deceit, betrayal, bad luck in love, curses, uprooting, lack of love, forced labor, slavery , wars, undisclosed secrets, memories of pain, sadness and tears, and of everything that is a shame or a limitation.
Today I release and release all my family and acquaintances, everything that has affected the members of my family and other families, at other times and generations, so that these memories, no longer continue to be inherited through me. So that they are no longer perpetuated in my person or in the generations to come.

._____________________________________ here, you start writing all the details that you do know:
(Today I get rid of being the double of my father and dying like him.
Today I am free of being a double of my uncle Juan and of inheriting his illnesses.
Today I free myself from the mistreatment of my father and his alcoholism.
Today I get rid of my mother, her submissive nature and her diabetes.
Today I release my daughter Sara from being a double of my aunt Michelle and being like her or getting sick like her.
Today I cut all ties with those memories and I free myself from all the burdens that do not correspond to me.
For my good and the good of everyone involved. Today I thank the flame of my Spirit for helping me in this liberation. Today I know that I am free and I am free forever. It’s done!
Thank you , thank you, thank you!

When you have finished your letter, prepare a day and a special time to read and burn it.
Choose for a day that you can be alone, where nothing or nobody interrupts you and you can do a  this “letter burning ceremony” that will impact your subconscious.
You can light, candles or incense to accompany you if you prefer. You can burn, photographs of family members or photocopies of them, if you have them. You can burn, any object that represent those people or something that reminds you of them. (Please always be extra careful when using fire)
Be aware, that you will not burn them, you will burn “the bad cords that you have with them”, to stay only with the good (and in a future post i we will learn how to honor them). So do not be afraid to burn photos or objects.

When the day and the moment arrive, you read your complete letter, aloud, slowly, so that your unconscious captures everything you are releasing. Once you have read it, you burn paper by paper and collect the ashes so that when you finish you get rid of them. You can bury them, throw them in the air, throw them in the toilet, throw them in the trash, that’s up to you.
It is about getting rid of everything that your unconscious is carrying and worse, inheriting.
Once your letter is burned, a quarantine of 30 days comes, so that your mind assents the lived, the felt, the released. It will be 30 days of intense mood changes, days maybe in which you live a healing crisis (increase in physical symptoms, pain, dizziness, nausea, etc).
Some days, you may be very sleepy, or have nothing of sleep, be happy, sad, euphoric, excited, depressed, etc. And everything will be perfectly normal.
By day 30 or 34, you will feel incredibly light, with clearer thoughts and feelings. With more power to make new decisions and make changes. With inner peace, certainty and full awareness of everything you have released.
You will begin to have more clarity regarding new directions and options, plus you will no longer be affected by the people you have burned.
– The quarantine period varies from person to person, so changes may be noticed at 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. Each person lives it differently.
– This letter can be done as many times as necessary, by the same people, but NOT BY THE SAME REASONS. And every letter that is made, takes its quarantine.
That is, if I already made a letter of mourning for my alcoholic father, and I burned it, I already did my quarantine and within a year, I remember that one night he ran over a lady and fled, I made a letter again, but only for this run over , I do not mention alcoholism anymore, because I already made the mourning about that.

And check this post back again, because we have a lot of things to live. Therefore, if in 10 years, we have new problems loading, with relatives, friends, coworkers, bosses, etc. We can do it again so as not to inherit the future generation of errors or failures.


Published by Vanessa Realpe

LMT, C.C.H.t, Bio-Well EPI Technology Expert Certified Practitioner, Vibrational Therapist, Feminine Wisdom Advocate, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Astrologer.

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