EHF Therapy

EHF therapy aids in shifting and correcting your energy state and balance through the use of high frequencies.

Extreme High frequency therapy is individually modified based on the results of energy measurement. 

Electromagnetic waves of millimetric type have a low capacity of penetration into biological tissue (0.2-0.8mm), and are almost completely absorbed by the superficial layers of the skin (molecules of water, hydrated collagen molecules, cells of connective tissue), without any thermal action. Therefore, the EHF waves do not act directly on the patient’s internal organs. EHF signals are similar to the signals which are generated from cell membranes, these signals accelerate different biochemical reactions, alter enzyme activity, reinforcing or weakening intercellular connections. In comprehensive clinical studies first in Russia, and then worldwide was demonstrated that EHF EMR has healing effects.

Structured water with personalized EHF frequencies.

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