Biovibrations® Session

🇺🇸Our personalized integrative healing system that combines ancient protocols and latest technology with the intention of achieving overall wellness in the body, mind and spirit. We begin with an energy screening using a state-of-the-art non-invasive systems where we see the energy and chakras of your entire body through a specialized software, followed by a personalized vibrational healing session with a combination of astrology, sounds, hypnotherapy and other vibrational techniques to balance your energy field. In addition to that you will get a personalized therapeutic sound file and recommendations to continue your healing journey at home.

Light Therapy:

Color therapy is a holistic and non-invasive treatment that balances you physical body and mind. The vibrations of colors in our light therapy sessions enhance your mood and improve your overall health.

Sound is an invisible universal power that has been harnessed since the beginning of time to initiate transformation. Everything around us is in constant vibratory motion, from the planets, the stars of the cosmos to the smallest insect on earth. Everything produces acoustic vibration, and therefore sound. We perceive some sounds with the help of our ears, but others, such as the great symphony of the Music of the Spheres (planetary sounds) we only hear in our spirit.  Through Sound therapy, you can experience this wonderful resonance with planetary vibrations to re-harmonize and align the body and spirit with the music of the Spheres. También disponible en español.

🇪🇸El sonido es un poder universal invisible que ha sido aprovechado desde el comienzo de los tiempos para iniciar la transformación. Todo lo que nos rodea está en constante movimiento vibratorio, desde los planetas, las estrellas del cosmos hasta el más pequeño de los insectos de la tierra. Todo produce vibración acústica, y por tanto, sonido. Percibimos algunos sonidos con ayuda de nuestros oídos, pero otros, como la gran sinfonía de la Música de las Esferas (sonidos planetarios) solo los escuchamos en nuestro espíritu.
Por medio de la terapia de Sonido se puede vivir esta maravillosa resonancia con vibraciones planetarias para re-armonizar y alinear el cuerpo y espíritu con la música de la Esferas.

Bioacoustic Session:

Your voice is a holographic image of your health. Through the frequencies of your voice we capture, translate and classify in a voice print table, which provides a very accurate indication of the physical function in your body. With your voice we can decode the frequencies that are not coherent with your nature and use sound , color and other tools to intone your vibration. Includes report of your frequencies and recommendations. También disponible en español.

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