Vibrational Wellness

Biovibrations® Session

Our personalized integrative healing system that combines ancient protocols and latest technology with the intention of achieving overall wellness in the body, mind and spirit. We begin with an energy screening using a state-of-the-art non-invasive systems where we see the energy and chakras of your entire body through a specialized software, followed by a personalized vibrational healing session with a combination of sounds, color therapy, massage, astrology, hypnotherapy and other vibrational techniques to balance your energy field. In addition to that you will get a personalized therapeutic sound file and recommendations to continue your healing journey at home.

Vibrational Therapy

Sound is an invisible universal power that has been harnessed since the beginning of time to initiate transformation. Everything around us is in constant vibratory motion, from the planets, the stars of the cosmos to the smallest insect on earth. Everything produces acoustic vibration, and therefore sound. We perceive some sounds with the help of our ears, but others, such as the great symphony of the Music of the Spheres (planetary sounds) we only hear in our spirit.  Through Sound therapy, you can experience this wonderful resonance with planetary vibrations to re-harmonize and align the body and spirit with the music of the Spheres.

The sounds of the Universe are brought into health care through the use of precision calibrated planetary tools.

Acupressure points and chakras provide noninvasive access into these core energy systems within the body. The planets provide musical intervals, archetypes, psychological depth, and correspondences that help us to fine-tune the therapeutic frequencies that are applied to the body and to the biofield.

We create a unique session where we use the information from your astrological chart (date, time and place of birth) to create a personalized sound healing journey. With your personal astrological sounds session. Together we decode the blueprint of your life path and look at how events manifest, the reasons you feel the way you do and the great mission and destiny you are here to achieve.

You will receive a personalized 60 minute session, (or audio file with your astrological sounds for distance sessions) your natal chart in pdf and also 3 month recommendations to plan your activities, and meditations.

This astrological session can also be done in person or at distance via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. Please send your exact data as it appears on your birth certificate, including: the exact time of birth, the complete date and the place of birth, without this information we can not process this service.

Light Therapy

Color therapy is a holistic and non-invasive treatment that balances you physical body and mind. The vibrations of colors in our light therapy sessions enhance your mood and improve your overall health.

EHF Therapy (Extreme High Frequency Therapy)

Extreme High frequency therapy is individually modified based on the results of energy measurement. 

This therapy aids in shifting and correcting your energy state and balance through the use of high frequencies.

Electromagnetic waves of millimetric type have a low capacity of penetration into biological tissue (0.2-0.8mm), and are almost completely absorbed by the superficial layers of the skin (molecules of water, hydrated collagen molecules, cells of connective tissue), without any thermal action. Therefore, the EHF waves do not act directly on the patient’s internal organs. EHF signals are similar to the signals which are generated from cell membranes, these signals accelerate different biochemical reactions, alter enzyme activity, reinforcing or weakening intercellular connections. In comprehensive clinical studies first in Russia, and then worldwide was demonstrated that EHF EMR has healing effects.

Charged water with your personalized EHF frequencies.

Bioacustic Evaluation

Your voice is a holographic image of your health. Through the frequencies of your voice we capture, translate and classify in a voice print table, which provides a very accurate indication of the physical function in your body. With your voice we can decode the frequencies that are not coherent with your nature and use sound , color and other tools to intone your vibration. Includes report of your frequencies and recommendations.


Sound Bath is a perfect addition to your special event.

Treat co-workers, friends, partners, & family members to deep relaxation, stress release, and create stronger relationships. Each crystal bowl is keyed to the energy centers or chakras of the body (432 hz), where sound is nutrition for the nervous system. Other specific instruments are also used to move and release energy blockages.

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