The Human Energy Field & Addictions.

(Image: Effects of Addictions in the Human Energy Field – Smoking)

Did you know that in addition to the physical body, we have several bodies in other planes of existence that interconnect and affect the physical body?
The energy field surrounds the physical body and, although it is slightly larger, it is part of it. These subtle bodies are damaged by addictions and bad habits. The holes or leaks of energy are often perceived in the outline of the energy body of a person with addiction.

Leaks can cause a bewildering loss of energy or hypersensitivity to the influence of other people. Addicts and those closely related to them often have boundary issues, and energy holes and areas of abnormal energy are part of this.
To get rid of an addiction, these bodies must be aligned with the physical body or else the person may even be subtly induced into different types of addiction as a way to deal with blockages or energy losses.
Energy body work is a fundamental part of an integral recovery from addictions. The Abrahamson method with 13 centers in different countries and with more than 38 years of experience has helped over 150,000 people eliminate their desire to smoke or consume sugar or addictive carbohydrates, being the only treatment in the world that eliminates addictions in a single session with a success rate historically higher than 90%.
If you or your loved one finally want to quit smoking, or eliminate sugar and addictive carbs cravings, we invite you to take advantage of a special discount on your session at the Abrahamson Center. Visit or call (800) 292-0555 Mention code: “BIO10”

Published by Vanessa Realpe

LMT, C.C.H.t, Bio-Well EPI Technology Expert Certified Practitioner, Vibrational Therapist, Feminine Wisdom Advocate, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Astrologer.

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